The GPC community has a long history of involvement in Missions and we are continually building upon that legacy.
Our goal is to expand and create opportunities for support and service, both at home and around the world.
There are many missionaries and mission projects that GPC supports both locally and internationally.

We have opportunities for the community to get involved. Contact Jan Bush at jbush@glenpres.org

Local and International Missions

Team World Vision

GPC runs for clean water! Water changes the lives of children. They have better health, improved nutrition, and can go to school instead of spending the day fetching water. Through World Vision’s comprehensive and sustainable water projects across Africa, $50 will provide clean water for one person for a lifetime. World Vision is the largest non-government provider of clean water in the developing world—reaching one new person with clean water every 30 seconds. World Vision’s water projects are sustainable, comprehensive and complex. We engage the community, religious leaders, and local government. After rigorous assessment, engineers choose from different types of water points depending on the geography and the needs of a community. Projects also focus on improved sanitation and hygiene solutions like building latrines and organizing communities to implement good habits such as handwashing.

Arabic Broadcasting Service – Shukri and Adma Habibi 

The Arabic Broadcasting Service prepares and produces radio programs in the Arabic language and broadcasts them from many different radio stations around the world.  “The people walking in darkness have seen the great light.”  This is the message they have been proclaiming on the radio for over 33 years.  They produce four programs:  “Spot Light” focuses on spiritual truths and issues in every day life according to the Word of God; “You and I On The Way” addresses Arab women’s issues; “Songs and Meditations” plays songs and shares short stories that bring peace to the soul and lifts the spirit; and “Listeners’ Mail” where listeners’ letters are read, questions are answered, and new listeners are welcomed.  For more information, please check out their website at www.arabicbroadcasting.com

Campus Crusade for Christ – David Blakkolb

Dave serves in Bend Oregon with the outdoor and experiential learning ministry within Cru called Lifelines. Lifelines uses outdoor activities and learning from experience to help students grow in relationship with each other, in relationship with God, in character and in leadership. He and his team resource all the universities in Oregon and Washington.

Lifelines provide Bible studies, summer missions programs both in the U.S. and overseas, small group facilitator training, and evangelism training. Their hope is to train and equip students so that every student on campus during their time at university would know someone who truly follows Jesus. Please pray for God to continue to open doors on the college campuses and for wisdom as he helps lead the team. www.lifelinesoutdoors.com

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship – Rob and Amy Dixon

The Dixons are a family on mission! Rob and Amy have been on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a college ministry, for more than 20 years, and Rob currently supervises approximately 30 staff serving on 14 campuses in central California and southern Nevada.

As a family, including Josh (15), Lucy (13), Gracie (11), and Lily (9), the Dixons enjoy serving their neighborhood, where they direct their school’s soccer and running clubs. Additionally, Rob will graduate in June 2018 with a doctoral degree in intercultural studies from Fuller Theological Seminary, where he’s been studying flourishing male/female ministry partnerships. Having been a part of the GPC family for more than 40 years now, the Dixons remain grateful for our long-standing partnership in the Gospel!

For more information go to http://www.intervarsity.org/

Latin American Missions – Tim and Lois Halls

Tim and Lois Halls are missionaries serving with Latin American Missions (LAM) on loan to PM Internacional (PMI). Tim has worked in Brazil and Central America for over 20 years. He helps new pastors lead new churches. During that time he was introduced to the Muslim World by Latin Americans. He is now learning from them as they love Muslims in Jesus’ name. PMI, where Tim works as the U.S. Director, is an initiative of Latin Americans who are living and ministering in Muslim countries. Latin American churches have sent thousands of missionaries to live and serve in over 100 countries. Your prayers have helped Latin Americans take their place in the future of the world in a way that promotes the name, message, and power of Jesus.


Ministries to Muslims – Don and Mary Jo McCurry

Don and Mary Jo work with Ministries to Muslims (based in Colorado Springs), and the Ibero-American Institute of Trans-cultural Studies (IIbET based in Granada, Spain). Don and Mary Jo were missionaries with the Presbyterians in Pakistan. They were members of Glendale Presbyterian Church from 1976 until 1993 at which time they moved to Colorado Springs.

These ministries are about bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to the Muslim world. Don has traveled to over 65 overseas countries to train national Christian leaders and missionaries on how Muslims can be reached for Christ. He has also lectured at more than 40 colleges, Bible schools and seminaries internationally. Don led weekend lay-seminars on Muslim evangelism at churches in more than 100 American cities and has taught the Perspectives course in several locations across the U.S.  Don began his ministry as a missionary to Muslims in Pakistan. Don has two major works: Healing the Broken Family of Abraham: New Life for Muslims, Tales That Teach. He also has a popular booklet entitled, Now You Can Know What Muslims Believe.

4D Ministries- Hank and Mona Paulson

During the Cold War era, the Lord gave a young Dutchman, Hank Paulson, a burden to encourage and strengthen the Eastern European church that was persecuted, suffering, and denied much of what it needed to grow and mature. In 1971, at great risk to himself and those with whom he built bridges, 23-year-old Paulson began smuggling Bibles and Christian literature into Communist countries and delivered them into the hands of as many believers as he could.

Paulson had been asking God what He wanted to do with His life. During that seven week trip, he received his answer. As he met with Christians in the Soviet Union, who had been imprisoned or persecuted for their faith, he came face to face with the startling fact that in many places there was only one Bible for every several hundred believers throughout the Soviet Union. This need stirred him deeply; he simply could not ignore it.
Eastern European Bible Mission

Paulson’s desire to get the living Word of God into the hands of believers birthed Eastern European Bible Mission (EEBM), later called New Hope International. Five years later Mona who had received her own call for ministry in Eastern Europe joined and two years later they married. For almost 20 years, Hank and his colleagues smuggled Bibles and Christian materials behind the Iron Curtain.

They also established secret camps and training programs to strengthen the Church. EEBM teams encouraged and supported believers, who were enduring intense persecution. Greetings and help from brothers and sisters in Christ an ocean away helped these Eastern Europeans believers immeasurably; helping them know that the Body of Christ extended all over the globe and that they were not alone.
The Freedom

In 1989, when the Wall fell and freedom was restored, those with whom Paulson had forged relationships told him that this ministry was needed then more than ever to provide vision, materials, and training for churches and help them grow and adapt to the many changes in their new post-Communist world.
New Hope International

In response, a new phase of the ministry emerged. It was built upon the solid foundation of two decades of relationship-building and trust. At this point, the ministry’s name was changed to New Hope and within a short period of time equipping and publishing ministries were launched in seven of the former Communist countries.
A new beginning…

In 2011 Paulson and a proven team of coworkers, began a new ministry called 4D Ministries, with as its aim, not only to help New Hope teams in Eastern Europe, but also other indigenous ministries and networks of churches, taking partnerships and empowering nationals to an even higher level.

Youth With a Mission (YWAM) – Bryan Bishop

Bryan coordinates a global communication team for Youth With A Mission (YWAM), an organization that helps young people serve God globally. Bryan’s team works on YWAM’s main website (ywam.org), YWAM’s global social media, and internal communication projects like a monthly prayer day. The goal of this work is to help many more young men and women get involved with mission work, to help YWAM’s workers grow in fruitfulness, and to nurture an environment of spiritual vitality in the mission. Bryan is married to Tamara and they have six children and one granddaughter. They live in Colorado Springs.


Wild Hope International – Peter and Tammy Russell

Peter and Tammy are founders of Wild Hope International, a non-profit religious organization that was founded to facilitate ministry in Tanzania, East Africa. Their mission is to empower emerging leaders through God’s love to step into their destiny as children of God who will transform their community and the world. Wild Hope’s Ministry training base is in Arusha, Tanzania. This training base has three focal points: 1 – the Urban Poor – empowerment projects initially targeting widows in the Unga slum of Arusha through discipleship and micro-enterprise training, 2 – School of Ministry – practical ministry training for both Tanzanian and visiting US emerging leaders using curriculum developed in Kenya and at Fuller Theological Seminary, 3 – Inter-Church Partnerships – facilitating inter-church partnerships for mutual edification and breakthrough both within Tanzania and between the US and East Africa.

Wycliffe Bible Translators – Mary Hopkins

Mary serves with Wycliffe Bible Translators/SIL International, Mexico. She is the Literacy Coordinator in Mexico. In this position she assists Bible translators with literacy issues and needs in indigenous language areas. She also plans and coordinates literacy programs and goals for the Mexico Branch to further Bible translation and Scripture use. Mary directs and teaches different training courses aimed at speakers of indigenous languages, teaching literacy principles, production of materials in their languages, and promotes the use of translated scriptures where they exist. She also provides advanced training and focused practical experience.

Wycliffe Bible Translators – Paul and Janet McLarren

Paul and Janet serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Waxsaw, North Carolina. For years they served with North African translation project in North Africa and Europe. Now they are in North Carolina where Paul will contribute to a publication call “Translators Notes ” by writing the Translators Notes for the Book of Numbers. Janet will be teaching one of Wycliffe’s cross-cultural programs that take place in North Carolina.This will combine her interests in anthropology and will take advantage of her past experience in teaching. They will now be able to apply their experience over the past 25 years working with translations in North African languages to translators and Wycliffe people worldwide.